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Doorstep Peppers - Now KSW kosher

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Dennis Pruszka is a disabled retired veteran and entrepreneur in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is the proprietor of Doorstep Peppers LLC. An ambitious gardener and chile pepper based seasoning creator he possesses a true passion for growing unique, hot chile pepper varieties not typically seen in the supermarket.

Over several years, he has developed several chile pepper based seasoning blends and dry rubs. To this point, all of his seasoning blends except for Original Meat Therapy and Hey Jerk seasoning blends are salt free! All of the blends are unique in flavor without preservatives or fillers. All of the blends are Kosher certified!

Please follow his social media outlets, Facebook and Instagram for upcoming events and for other updates for Doorstep Peppers. To place an order email Dennis at: His website will be online soon.

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