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Why Go Kosher?

  • Number of kosher consumers in the United States 7,500,000

  • Number of other religious people with similar dietary concern 2,400,000

  • Number of non Jewish consumers with dietary needs 2,500,000

  • Number of kosher certified products 41,000

  • Kosher domestic food market is a 3.75 billion-dollar industry

In recent years the food industry has witnessed a tremendous growth in products that are kosher certified. Kosher food sales increased drastically, and the total number of consumers is growing at an annual rate of 15%. This is attributed to the fact that “kosher” is identified with quality, health, and fine preparation. According to  Business News statistics section, “KOSHER IS A $15  BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY” and “55% of the people who purchase kosher foods believe the products to be safer and healthier”. Clearly, kosher certification offers manufacturers a decisive edge in today’s highly competitive food and beverage industry.

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