About us

Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin strives to provide the highest quality standard for Kosher certification for companies and establishments that wish to offer Kosher product to the consumer.


Our trademarked symbols,are recognized and approved by major certifying agencies adn consumers around the world.  


We are proud to be a member of AKO, the Association for Kashrus Organizations.


We certify retail establishments, Kosher Caterers as well as over 60 commercial manufacturing facilities.

Let us help you with all your kosher needs!


Our staff:

Rabbi Benzion Twerski – Rabbinic Guide (Rav Hamachshir)

Rabbi Akiva Freilich – Rabbinic Administrator

Rabbi Tuvia Torem – Rabbinic Supervisor


7020 N. Green Bay Ave

Glendale, WI 53209