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The Kosher Certification process

5 easy steps to kosher certification

kosher certification steps
Contact Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin
kosher certification steps
Submit Online 
kosher certification steps
Set Up Initial 
kosher certification steps
kosher certification steps
Receive a Kosher Certificate
1. Contact Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin

Call us by phone (414.573.9353) or e-mail We will answer your preliminary questions and review the kosher certification process.

2. Submit Online Application

Should you have any questions about the online application, any member of our professional staff will be happy to assist you. Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin keeps all submitted information strictly confidential. There is no obligation on your part to apply for kosher certification. 
Click here to access the online application.

3. Set Up Initial Visit

A member of our staff, a Rabbinic Coordinator, will visit your facilities for an initial, comprehensive inspection. This inspection gives us a thorough understanding of your company’s unique features. The Rabbinic Coordinator will outline the procedures that your company must adhere to in order to receive and maintain kosher certification. There is usually a nominal fee for the initial inspection. That amount will be determined before the visit is made after which you have the choice to proceed with the inspection.

4. Contract

After completing the initial inspection we will then determine a program for supervision and calculate your annual fee. The fee structure is based on a variety of factors, including the nature of the production, the location and the amount of effort necessary to maintain your kosher program. We will then forward a contract to you for your approval.

5. Receive a Kosher Certificate

Congratulations! After receiving a copy of our fully executed contract, you will be certified kosher by the Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin, one of the most respected kosher agencies.

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