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Affordable Kosher Certification

At Kosher Supervisors of Wisconisn  we understand that our clients are running a business so we make sure to keep costs affordable. For this reason, we don’t charge any application fees nor do we charge for our initial quote and analysis. EarthKosher strives to be a genuinely affordable option for kosher certification and we offer the following additional cost savings to our clients:

  1. We never link our certification fees to your company’s sales.

  2. We never charge per product neither for your company nor for one of your Private Label clients.

  3. We consistently provide discounted rates often 20%-50% lower than other Kosher certification agencies.

  4. We offer a flat and transparent annual rate where your company knows when it signs the contract exactly what it will cost for Kosher certification. This is in contrast to a costing model where an agency charges an annual rate and in addition bills for each inspection and for related travel expenses and does not define how many inspections they will be performing or what total cost each will be. The billing per inspection model often leads to a less than clear understanding of what the annual costs for kosher certification will be. Here at EarthKosher, we understand that this leads to a lack of trust between the agency and client. All of our annual costs are fixed.

  5. EarthKosher selectively offers flexible payment plans and, in particular, will work with start up companies to make our quality Kosher certification accessible to as many as possible.

  6. We offer our clients the option to fix into our low rates for up to 3 to 5 years. This provides a sense of stability as far as budgeting for annual kosher certification fees. It is very hard for a company to negotiate with a Kosher certifier once they have the federally trademarked Kosher symbol of the Kosher certifier printed on all their labels and marketing literature for the next two years and or have several major clients who require that the company be Kosher certified. Thus by offering a fixed rate for 3 years for example we offer you this additional budgetary security.

  7. We approach each prospective client with the goal of developing a sustainable relationship and model our fees accordingly.


What are the factors which determine the cost of the annual Kosher certification fee?


The short answer to this question is:

  1. The location of your manufacturing and packaging facilities.

  2. Whether you have a dedicated facility for the production of these products or employ a contract manufacturer.

  3. The ingredients and processing aids used in your products.

  4. The production processes by which your products are made.


The reason we offer a free quote and analysis is that these factors are very unique for each company and Kosher laws are quite detailed and complicated in their understanding and application. It is best to provide an analysis for each company based on its individual circumstances. We will answer any questions your company has and our rabbis are highly knowledgeable, experienced and friendly.

Please call us at (888) 312-3559, or click here to contact us.



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