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Campanology Pastry Stout- At Trader Joe's- Now Kosher Certified (Dairy)

Pastry Stouts are trending in the craft beer world. These are dark, rich beers on the sweeter end of the taste spectrum—in contrast to traditional imperial stouts, which tend to be drier and slightly bitter. Encouraged by this trend, Trader Joe's we are bringing in

more drinkable desserts to tickle your sweet taste buds.

With slightly higher gravity, the 10% ABV Campanology Chocolate Babka Stout has a richer mouthfeel and body, and is jet black in color, reflecting lush, dark-chocolate flavors derived from chocolate extract, pure cacao, and milk sugar. The brewers also added a touch of sea salt for savory balance. 

Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin is pleased to announce that this Beer is now Kosher Certified (DAIRY - Cholov Stam)

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